Art Along the Trails

Art Along the Trails is a celebration of 125 years of AVIS preserving wildlife habitats and water resources while providing free access to hills, woods and waterways for Andover residents and visitors. Art and nature bring beauty into our lives, inspire us with wonder and curiosity and spark our imaginations and creativity. By sharing our creativity with each other in the natural environment, we honor the gifts we receive from it.

In April, individual artists, collaborative artists, students and community groups were invited to submit artwork for consideration. As the first collaboration between AVIS and AACA, artists were encouraged to consider how the natural world informs their art and how their art compliments the natural world with particular emphasis on AVIS' trails. We are excited to share that all 12 project proposals were approved and are being installed across the AVIS trail network in June. They include a mixture of sculptures, photography, interactive installations, and workshops. All projects will be removed by September 15, 2019, unless otherwise noted.


Artist Title Installation Date AVIS Trail Details
Cassie Doyon/Pangea Mosaics Empty Nest First week of June. This piece will be removed in early September Burns Empty Nest is a mosaic sculpture created by mixed media artist Cassie Doyon ( Cassie often uses a variety of materials, found objects, and colors in her work, incorporating spontaneity and serendipity into her pieces. Empty Nest invites trail visitors to observe her whimsical form and colors, while contemplating the artist's intent.
Lisa Hertel Plastic Pony Second week of June Harold R. Rafton Plastic Pony is a metal sculpture created by artist Lisa Hertel ( Lisa often incorporates multiple techniques and media in her ceramic, wire or watercolor works, using environmentally friendly methods whenever possible. Plastic Pony invites trail visitors, particularly kids, to consider our use of plastics and its impact on the environment.
Heidi Jackson Recycled Matters: Magical Mushroom Soiree First week of June. Deer Jump Recycled Matters: Magical Mushroom Soiree is a mixed-media sculpture created by artist Heidi Jackson ( As an expressionistic painter/sculptor, Heidi often works in a variety of materials including paint, paper, clay, stone, wood, and reclaimed materials. Recycled Matters invites trail visitors to celebrate life's energy and the magic of our interactions with nature.
Sharon Lapham and Sue Millman Imitation/Invitation of Tree Bark Last week of June. These pieces will only be up through the end of July. Vale Imitation/Invitation of Tree Bark is a series of watercolors by artists Sharon Lapham and Sue Millman. Sharon has created paintings, videos, and sculptures using objects from river clean-ups. Sue is a painter and a fabric artist. As longtime members of the Shawsheen River Watershed Association, they’ve witnessed the effect years of mistreatment the watershed has suffered. This project aims to illustrate trees’ strength and endurance, managing to survive despite the vagaries of encroachment and waste-dumping.
The Lost Notebook Artist Walks (3) Slow Walk: Monday, June 17, 6:30pm
Ethics of Place Walk: Monday, July 15, 6:30pm
Interdisciplinary Exploration Walk: Monday, August 12, 6:30pm
Deer Jump Artist Walks (3) is a series of guided walks for self-identified artists of all disciplines. The walks are developed by Morgan von Prelle Pecelli, who works at the intersection of anthropology, art, and sustainable development, thinking about how we create meaning in places where we live, work, learn, and play. Each walk explores a different way of moving along the trail and invites participants to share in a conversation about creative practice. RSVP required:
Memorial Hall Library "All the World": A Storywalk Third week of June. West Parish "All the World": A Storywalk® is an installation project created by Andover's Memorial Hall Library staff. All the World, a picture book by Liz Garton Scanlon and Marla Frazee, shares a positive message that everything and everyone on this planet is important and connected. Designed specifically with families in mind, this project hopes to promote literacy, health, art appreciation, and a love of the outdoors by encouraging all of us to take a walk while enjoying a story along the way.
Emily O'Hara, Molly Foley, and Lillian Gendreau Interwoven First week of June. Purdon Interwoven is an interactive weaving project created by artists Emily O'Hara, Molly Foley, and Lillian Gendreau. Emily and Molly are self-taught weavers, Lillian is a photographer, and this will be their first collaboration. Interwoven inspires trail visitors to consider the natural world around them and their related feelings, observations, and thoughts. Participants are invited to respond to posted questions via @interwoven_artinnature on Instagram, @interwoven_art in nature on Facebook, or onsite via letterbox. Each week these responses will then be woven into the project creating a weft thread and shared document of visitors' experiences on the trail.
Jennifer Schneidewent The Integration Third week of June Goldsmith The Integration is a set of abstract figurative basswood carvings created by artist Jennifer Schneidewent (website: Gravity & Grace Studio). When she's not inviting us to enjoy wine and live music at Theory Wine Bar + Listening Room, Jennifer's creative practice includes sculpting in wood and other media and crafting in sterling silver. Trail visitors who come upon The Integration at Scout Hollow will be impacted by how it beckons them to walk around it, taking in the tall, quiet grouping with a view of Foster's Pond.
SHED Children's Campus Hidden Village in the Trees Second week of June. This project will end on August 23. Shawsheen River Hidden Village in the Trees is a collaborative and durational installation project created by the students and teachers of SHED Children's Campus. At SHED Children's Campus, kids are encouraged to engage nature to learn & grow, express themselves with art & their bodies, connect to others, and find peace & joy. Each week, the fairy village will grow and evolve, giving trail visitors a chance to return again and again to discover the project's ongoing transformation. The project's progress can also be followed at facebook/shedkidsclub.
Silver Labyrinth Design Copper Milkweed Last week of June. West Parish Copper Milkweed is a metalwork sculpture created by artist Emily O'Hara. Emily is a metalsmith and fiber artist who creates jewelry and woven works incorporating metal into the designs. This sculpture is made of copper using fold-forming, a forging technique and fabrication. Trail visitors encountering Copper Milkweed are encouraged to consider the important role such plants play in the lifecycle of key pollinators including Monarch butterflies who need milkweed to lay their eggs.
Emily Trespas Migration Third week of June. Stanley Migration is a series of 125 handmade ceramic containers created by Emily Trespas. The vessels symbolize birds and botanicals; they are also rain gauges, markers of weather patterns and seasons. The installation invites visitors to consider the passing of time and the movement of nature. Trespas’s work is grounded in a practice of collecting, re-purposing, and re-interpreting. She is inspired by ideas of absence & presence, and our place and the surrounding world.
Rich Vogel Andover Trails in Black and White Last week of June. Shawsheen River Andover Trails in Black and White is a photography project created by artist Rich Vogel ( Rich makes photographs of nature and landscapes to escape the hectic rush of life and focus on the world around him, composing the shot and waiting for the right moment, as time allows. By juxtaposing Andover Trails in Black and White against the lush greenery of the trail where the photograph was made, visitors can gain a different perspective and insight into the scenery around them.


About The Andover Village Improvement Society (AVIS) The Andover Village Improvement Society (AVIS) is a 125-year old land conservation organization with a mission to acquire, protect and maintain land in its natural state in the town of Andover, Massachusetts. AVIS’ thirty reservations include forests, fields, wetlands, and vernal pools and are open to the public for hiking, birding, skiing, and quiet enjoyment. In 2019, AVIS is celebrating its 125th anniversary with a year-long offering of specially crafted events to involve townspeople and many others. AVIS is one of the oldest land trusts in the country and has been acquiring and preserving land in Andover since 1894 including the 5-mile long section of land and trail along the Merrimack River.
AVIS has collaborated with other organizations such as the Essex County Greenbelt Association (ECGA), Andover Trails, the Andover Center for History & Culture, and the town's Memorial Hall Library (MHL) to organize walks, hikes, cross country ski and snow shoe treks, educational classes, and other activities. Its open land protects the habitat of many plants and animals.

About Andover Arts & Culture Alliance (AACA)

The Andover Arts & Culture Alliance was formed in 2017 to provide an opportunity for local arts and culture organizations to collaborate in an effort to bring greater focus to the rich cultural offerings in Andover. Participating organizations include the Andover Center for History & Culture, Andover Cultural Council, Andover Poet Laureate Committee, Memorial Hall Library, Merrimack Community Music School, Andover Artist Guild, Andover Public Schools, Addison Gallery of American Art, New England Classical Singers, Andover Choral Society, Mistral, Merrimack College Rogers Center for the Arts, Shawsheen River Greenway, Andover Gallery, and various individual artists. For more information please contact Andover Arts & Culture Alliance Co-Chairs Molly Foley and Morgan von Prelle Pecelli