Sherman Reservation


This is a wonderful acquisition, not only because the meadow is so beautiful, but also because there are lovely mature plantings along the path leading up to the meadow and many different varieties of trees planted by the former owner in the wooded portion. The former owners were avid gardeners and the work and care they invested in the plantings are very evident. We are lucky to have been able to preserve it.


This property, acquired in 2004, is a 3.7 acre field fringed with a border of trees but largely high open meadow, an unusual situation in Andover. The owner, who was leaving Andover, wanted to preserve the field permanently and hoped to be able to work with AVIS. Clearly we needed access from Haggetts Pond Road to get to the field and in the end we purchased a portion of the house lot consisting of a 50 foot wide strip of land for access and a portion of the wooded back land at the rear of the house lot. Together with the field, the total purchase is about 5.5 acres.


5.5 acres


Entrance on Haggetts Pond Road just north of No. 231

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Warden Information:

Emily Kearns and Henry Yoshimura
(413) 348-0943

Walter Kimball
(978) 314-7910

Alan Harris
(978) 985-8915