KM/TGP/NED Pipeline

Withdrawal of Natural Gas pipeline update (5/23/2016)

On April 22, 2016, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company filed a letter with FERC indicating that: "As a result of inadequate capacity commitments from prospective customers and a determination that the Project is uneconomic, Kinder Morgan, Inc., Tennessee's parent company, announced on April 20, 2016 that the company would suspend further work and expenditures on the Project." Then, on May 23, 2016, Tennessee Gas Pipeline Company filed a letter withdrawing its application. AVIS is pleased that it Nat Smith Reservation as well as other conservation land and private homeowners are no longer threatened by this pipeline. AVIS tried to provide information to the public about this project and thanks all those who wrote letters and/or attended meetings.

Kinder Morgan proposed Natural Gas Pipeline Application (3/26/2016)

Previous Information

"As of December 8, 2014, Kinder Morgan has revised the route of this pipeline.  There was a major change in the main line from NY to Dracut that moves a large piece of it through New Hampshire.  They also made a change to the Lynnfield Lateral that passed through Andover.  The lateral no longer goes through any AVIS reservations. It also now avoids the Town water supply at Fish Brook and the Wood Hill and High Plain schools. The proposal is to enter Andover near the power lines at the Franciscan Center on River Road and generally to follow the Andover/Tewksbury border to Wilmington.  This route could be changed at any time so AVIS Trustees will continue to monitor this project and will continue to work with the Town on it." The revised map from Kinder Morgan is available at:

Video of Andover's Forum on the pipeline held at the Wood Hill Middle School on November 13, 2014.  This forum was sponsored by the Town Conservation Commission and AVIS and co-hosted by Dan Kolowski, chair of the Board of Selectman and John Hess, vice president of AVIS.
Also here are the playback times on live TV:
Andover public channel Comcast 8 Verizon 47
Mondays 9pm, Wednesdays 2pm, Fridays 8:30 am
Andover Government channel Comcast 22 Verizon 45
Tuesdays 9am, Saturdays 9 am

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Guests: Massachusetts State Senator James ‘Jamie’ Eldridge, Vice-Chair of the Senate Committee on Global Warming and
Climate Change, and Member of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy; Jim O’Reilly,
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The Pipeline Safety Trust promotes pipeline safety through education and advocacy, increased access to information, and partnerships with residents, safety advocates, government, and industry, resulting in safer communities and a healthier environment.

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