Volunteer Opportunities

There are volunteer opportunities for people to be involved in a number of areas.

AVIS is currently (June 2015) seeking volunteers for two important activities - we are starting a Technology Committee to help improve our use of new technologies for communication with our members and users, to update the website, and to digitize our trail map. We also seek Kiosk Wardens to help update the kiosks that have been constructed at trail heads.

AVIS wardens need volunteers on a regular basis to:

AVIS also needs volunteers to:


To be notified of the Eco-Team invasive plant identification and removal sessions, contact HamletofLynn@gmail.com to be put on the email list.

If you are interested in volunteering in any of these capacities, please contact us at volunteer@avisandover.org

Volunteer Policies

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for AVIS. Your participation, as well as the participation of countless other volunteers, is vital to AVIS’s success. The following policies and waiver are intended to make this volunteer experience safe and rewarding for everyone.

Description: The Andover Village Improvement Society, AVIS, is a non-profit land trust dedicated to land conservation. AVIS encourages the public use of our land including passive recreation. Throughout its 125+ year history, AVIS has also encouraged volunteer participation in clean-ups, trail construction, and maintenance of its 30 reservations. Volunteers, such as rangers, the wardens of those reservations, scouts, college students, and others have participated in these clean-ups and have also invested countless hours in the maintenance of trails. Trail maintenance includes such activities as brush cutting, moving stones, and constructing wooden walkways through wet areas. Clean-ups may involve lifting heavy and light objects, raking, picking up broken glass, and invasive plant eradication.

Project direction: In most cases, you will work under the direction of a "work party leader” who will be a designated AVIS volunteer who will explain the job to you and point out areas of special concern. You are not permitted to do any work except under the direction of and in the presence of a “work party leader”.

Only AVIS volunteers who are trained to carry out specific longer-term tasks may work on their own without a work party leader. Examples are Wardens who maintain a reservation, Scouts who work on approved special projects, and “Weed Warriors” who pull invasive plants.

Tools: AVIS seeks to provide appropriate tools and gloves to carry out these tasks and discourages the use of power tools during clean-ups. You may not use power equipment unless authorized by your leader. Your leader may authorize you to use power equipment if you have demonstrated competence in the use of the tool, have knowledge of safety procedures and are equipped with appropriate safety equipment. If you are unfamiliar with the safe and proper use of tools needed for your job, ask your leader for assistance and do not use the tools until you have done so. Fitness: Volunteer work often requires strenuous physical activity. AVIS cannot be expected to be aware of, or responsible for, particular medical or physical conditions that may create health risks for a volunteer while participating in an AVIS activity. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are in sufficiently good physical condition to perform the tasks for which you have volunteered without risk to your health. Under no circumstances should you arrive for a volunteer assignment impaired by drugs or alcohol.

Illness/Accidents: If you become ill or are injured while you are on duty as a volunteer or if you should accidentally damage property or equipment or cause an injury while performing your duties, notify your leader and appropriate authorities immediately. You should not come to a work party if you are feeling ill or are injured, or if you have been exposed to anybody suspected of being infected or potentially infected with the Novel Coronavirus or having any symptoms of COVID-19.

Protection of Children:> Children often participate in AVIS events, programs or activities. AVIS’s policy is that no volunteer shall work with an unattended child without another volunteer being present. An “unattended child” is a child under 18 who is not in the company of a parent or other adult family member. If your volunteer assignment involves working directly with children, AVIS may wish (but is not obligating itself) to perform a background check from criminal history and sex offender data bases. In such case, AVIS will ask you to supply sufficient personal information so that we may conduct such a background check.

Hazards: Clean-ups and trail construction/maintenance activities are often carried out on uneven terrain, often in remote locations. Injuries, including trips and falls or slips and falls, may result. Broken glass can also cause injury. Trail construction/maintenance or other activities may involve the use of hand tools or power tools which can also cause injury. Invasive plants may grow amidst poison ivy and thorny brush which can cause rash or abrasions. Protective clothing is advised. Thank you for your support of AVIS and for your help in keeping our reservations open to the public.

Please sign the AVIS Waiver form before volunteering for any activity.

Download Waiver Form Online Waiver Form

Approved by Board Vote

January 12, 2021