Our Mission

AVIS is a non-profit land trust dedicated to a) acquiring land and preserving it in its natural state, and b) encouraging public use and quiet enjoyment of the reservations. Founded in 1894, AVIS is one of the oldest conservation organizations in the country.

Join AVIS in preserving open spaces, woodlands, and wetlands in Andover, Massachusetts, USA. Explore membership and volunteer activities with AVIS.

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Plowed Parking Lots at Our Reservations

AVIS plows 3 parking areas for our members to access the reservations; The parking area on Salem St. for the Hammond and Skug Reservations, the Keck Reservation parking area on Gould Rd. next to Rte 125, and the Goldsmith Woodlands parking area at 491 S. Main St.

Some important information about the Tennessee Gas Pipeline (TGP) project:

As you may have heard, the Kinder Morgan Company is planning to put a pipeline from Dracut through Andover to Lynnfield to carry additional natural gas from the Pennsylvania Shale area. AVIS is concerned that the proposed route includes a significant amount of AVIS property as well as town conservation land. Individual homeowners are also affected. Please use the following link to find information on the Town of Andover website. We will post more information as it becomes available. http://andoverma.gov/projects/tenngas/

As of December 8, 2014, Kinder Morgan has revised the route of this pipeline. It no longer goes through any AVIS reservations. It also now avoids the Town water supply at Fish Brook and the Wood Hill and High Plain schools. The proposal is to enter Andover near the power lines at the Franciscan Center on River Road and generally to follow the Andover/Tewksbury border to Wilmington. This route could be changed at any time so AVIS Trustees will continue to monitor this project and will continue to work with the Town on it. The latest route is found on the attached maps (Adobe PDF document).

Kinder Morgan has announced that they will host an Open House for interested citizens to comment on the proposed Tennessee Gas Pipeline Northeast Energy Direct (TGP/NED) project. The pipeline will traverse parts of West Andover near the Tewksbury border, including crossing the Merrimack River near the Franciscan Center, crossing River Road, Bailey Road, Lowell Street, and Dascomb Road before entering Wilmington on its way from Dracut to Lynnfield and Beverly. Citizens are urged to attend the Open Houses and raise questions about the need for the pipeline in light of increasing emphasis in Massachusetts on renewable sources of energy. The Town of Andover (and many others) has encouraged Kinder Morgan to change the date of this meeting due to school vacation week. However, as of 2/9/15, they have not made a change.

If you plan to attend, please see the list of questions at this link Questions for Kinder Morgan (MS Word document).

Try and record the answers you receive, so that you can fact check their information and write directly to FERC with any misrepresentations or corrections.

Kinder Morgan Open House
Tuesday, February 17, 2015
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Wyndham Hotel
123 Old River Road
Andover, MA 01810

In addition, there is a set of maps available on the Facebook group "Andover Pipeline Awareness" or on the site of No Fracked Gas in Mass.

More information on Pipeline Project

About Our Reservations

About 1100 acres of AVIS reservations are open to all for hiking, birding, and cross country skiing. Hunting is prohibited on all of our reservations with nine exceptions. Motor vehicles, fires, and camping on these conservation lands are prohibited. Photos, maps, and further information are available on the reservations page.

Volunteer wardens are responsible for the care and oversight of each reservation and they are often neighbors. If you have questions or concerns about a particular reservation, please contact the reservation's warden.

Various groups offer hiking trips throughout the year. See the events and links page for more information.

Hike Along Merrimack River in Deer Jump Reservation:

To find out more about AVIS, contact info@avisandover.org