Keck Reservation: Graminoids

Walter Kittredge, a botanist from Harvard, compiled a list of the plants present at the Keck Reservation
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He categorized the plants into:

You may download a list of all categories with either of the following links

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Keys to Abbreviations

Wetlands Indicator Status (WIS)
Native/Introducted (N/I)
OBL = Obligate wetland plant N = Native
FAC = Facultative plant I = Introduced
FACW = Facultative wetland plant
FACU = Facultative upland plant
UPL = Upland plant

Graminoids (grasses, sledges, and rushes)

Common Name Genus species Family N/I WIS
Grass, Fowl Blue Poa palustris POAC N FACW
Grass, Kentucky Blue Poa pratensis POAC I FACU
Grass, Red Fescue Festuca rubra POAC I
Grass, Reed Canary Phalaris arundinacea POAC N FACW+
Grass, Rosette Panic Dichanthelium acuminatum ssp. fasciculatum POAC N
Grass, Sheep Fescue Festuca ovina POAC I
Grass, Sweet Vernal Anthoxanthum odoratum POAC N FACU
Grass, Timothy Phleum pratense POAC I
Grass, Velvet Holcus lanatus POAC I FACU
Rush, Soft Juncus effusus JUNC N OBL
Rush, Wood Luzula multiflora JUNC N FACU
Sedge, Brownish Carex brunnescens CYPE N FACW
Sedge, Pennsylvania Carex pensylvanica CYPE N
Sedge, Swan's Carex swanii CYPE N FACU
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